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Our story starts with one man’s passion for strong coffee and an even stronger community. Paul Marshall opened the doors to Mo Java Cafe and Roasting Co. back in 1994 when he was just 26 years and he has been honing his coffee-roasting craft and connecting with customers ever since. Over the years, Paul has grown his business from the ground up, doing many of the renovations himself and adding new recipes and signature cocktails to the menu, all while maintaining the casual atmosphere that drew people in at the beginning. He knocked down walls and built up tables and his small coffee shop evolved with hard work and over time into coffee shop meets restaurant meets cocktail bar and a Friday night concert venue to boot! Today, you might see Paul toying with recipes in the kitchen (he’s been known to give samples to customers!), restocking the shelves with still-hot coffee beans, or sharing his goofy sense of humor and a little bit of Mo Java history with anyone who stops by.

Mo Java Cafe has been a longstanding part of the flavor and history of Lincoln. Our skilled baristas serve high quality food and coffee in a setting that evokes all the charm of a European bistro in the heart of the Midwest. Located in historic North Lincoln and walking distance from Wesleyan College, Mo Java is a vibrant hub for college students, professors, and anyone who wanders in for a cup of coffee. Each cup brims with all the complex flavor of the coffee beans that Paul roasts himself right across the street at the roastery, and signature drinks, including the Caramel Nut Toddy (a delightful caramel hazelnut cold brew) have become fast favorites of Nebraskans across the state.

But the coffee is not the only thing that makes Mo Java special. The community is like no other in Lincoln. Our priority is making you feel welcome, and here at Mo Java we offer one of the friendliest hangout spots in town. It’s even been called the “Cheers” of Lincoln (a nod to the popular 80s sitcom), because the baristas and fellow customers really do take the time to get to know your name. When you walk through the front door, you are greeted with an atmosphere equal parts cozy and whimsical. Rumored to have a friendly ghost roaming its kitchen (a rumor that earned it a feature on the Ghost Tour of Lincoln), Mo Java has and continues to play an integral role in local folklore and the cafe is abuzz with stories about its history and the people who wrote it.

The more time you spend inside, you start to realize that Mo Java is more than just a coffee shop. It’s a special community that has become a part of the storyline of every coffee-drinker in the joint. You’ll find veteran coffee drinkers who’ve been relaxing at Mo Java since it opened in 1994 and have a few old stories up their sleeves as well as college students who’ve converted the cafe into their makeshift library and student lounge. There’s a spot here for you to study quietly, to chat with one of our friendly baristas or maybe even Paul, or to share a bagel on the patio with a fellow food-lover. In the midst of the unpredictability and stresses of life, we’re here for you with a place to relax, to laugh, and to recharge with a latte in one hand and a Breakfast Bagel in the other.

See for yourself what has kept customers coming back for over 25 years! We’ve got a seat here for you and we’d love to serve you.

We Know Coffee. And We’d Love to Know You.


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The Filling Station
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